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Cluster Lumière - Performance & Innovation

A dynamic and innovative cluster

The Cluster Lumière numbers more than 170 companies and organisations: Laboratories, manufacturers, engineers, lighting installers and designers… The real plus of the association is the combination of various and complementary skills and expertise, with the Lyon touch in terms of lighting.


Éclairage intérieur
Indoor Lighting
Éclairage extérieur
Outdoor Lighting
Éclairage spécifique
Specific uses

The Cluster Lumière, the first of its kind in France, has a mission to:

  • Boost innovation in new lighting technologies to meet economic challenges and encourage sustainable development
  • Promote competitiveness, cooperative businesses and international development in the sector.

The Cluster Lumière is backed by the vitality of the lighting sector in the Rhône-Alpes region, aiming at bringing together partners from research and training, manufacturers, users and expert channels, as well as institutional partners.

Lighting equipment Lights Signboards Management

Lighting Sources
LED, OLED, Compact
Fluorescent, Iodide (food,
eletronics, optics, plastics,



Éclairage intérieur
Indoor Lighting

Flattering and efficient indoor lighting concepts with our expertise!

Éclairage extérieur
Outdoor Lighting

Light roads and outdoor areas with our expertise!

Éclairage spécifique
Specific uses

Light specific areas with our expertise!

The light sector

155 expert companies  to meet your needs with outdoor, indoor or specific lighting!

The Cluster Lumière gathers various stakeholders (laboratories, manufacturers, engineers, lighting installers and designers…) involved in lighting.

All these skills and expertise is at your service to help with your project in indoor lighting (offices, retails, industrial area, hospital, hotel,…), outdoor lighting (architectural, large space, tunnel, road and street, …) or specific uses (transport, shop and road signs, event, …).

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