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The light sector


Lighting represents 10% of electricity consumption on the French market, with 18% growth per year. By using new eco-friendly lighting systems (compact fluorescent, LEDs etc.) it would be possible to make a 40% saving in energy.

  • As regards public lighting, we already know that one third of the streets in Europe are poorly lit. Thus, improving the quality of urban street lighting, reducing light pollution and managing the modulation of electricity flows would lead to a 45% reduction in consumption.
  • In the service sector, three quarters of offices in Europe are poorly lit. Thus, increasing the use of efficient lighting solutions would bring a gain of 40% in terms of power and 25% in terms of consumption.
  • Finally, in residential homes, the average consumption per home over a year is 400 kWh, i.e. 19 light sources. By replacing incandescent lights with sources that consume less energy, such as LEDs, we could reduce energy consumption by 70%.


A single sector that covers the entire value chain through

Laboratories, technical and training centres

They support companies in terms of innovation and R&D projects and also provide resources for test studies on an international scale.


There are several types of manufacturer in the sector:

  • Manufacturers of components, products: sources, electronics, power supplies, lighting fixtures, connectors
  • Manufacturers of lighting solutions: design, integrators of indoor, outdoor and other lighting solutions
  • Manufacturers of signs and signage
  • Manufacturers of management, quality control and command software
  • Sub-contractors: sheet metal, metal casting, wires, mechanics, plastics

Key influencers, designers

  • “Lighting” designers
  • Design offices, quality control offices
  • Project managers
  • Lighting equipment distributors (B to B)
  • Installers: lighting, electrical networks, general contracting companies
  • Electricians
  • Local authorities
  • Electricity unions
  • Private key accounts
  • Energy providers

Not-for-profit/public interest bodies (public or private sector)

Local and regional authorities, chambers of commerce and industry, trades unions, voluntary associations, trade fairs and conferences…


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