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Indoor Lighting

Flattering and efficient indoor lighting concepts with our expertise!

Offices, public buildings

Manage your indoor lighting

Offices, schools  and public buildings lighting is subject to a major issue: Energy-savings.


Enhance your sales area!

Lighting is a major issue to add value to outlets, to attract the client attention on a display or window, to guide his visits within the sales area. For many retailers, showcases are the first and sometime the only tool to emphasize, promote and boost sales.


Focus on human beings comfort.

Hospital lighting is subject to two major issues: patient and staff comfort, as well as building energy-savings.

Hotels, museums, halls, restaurants

Choose the best atmosphere!

In Hotels, museums, performance halls, cafés or restaurants, lighting is a major concern in highlighting areas, transforming atmospheres..: having a real impact on user’s comfort.

Industrial areas

Increase efficiency and concentration to employees

Industrial areas lighting requires a high quality level and is decisive in doing an effective job and in men safety.


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