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European Lighting Clusters Alliance

The Alliance was formed by Cluster Lumière Lyon and The Danish Lighting Innovation Network in 2011. Although the collaboration is bilateral in its initial phase, the Lighting Cluster Alliance has a further international ambition to pursue a strengthening of a general European collaboration amongst Lighting Centers, Networks and Laboratories, both in the public academic and industrial sectors.
Through meetings, conferences, lighting design contests, and networking events, the alliance will address critical themes such as the need for technological innovation, market development, characterization & certification of new lighting sources.
Throughout the activities, the business perspective is present with emphasis on promoting skills and capabilities of the cluster members and developing new potential business opportunities.

The statutes

During the ELCA meeting on Light+Building the ELCA, members have written the new statutes of the association.

Download the Statutes

We welcome our European colleagues to join the European Lighting Cluster Alliance.

ELCA’s Members

  • Luce in Veneto, Italy – President
  • Cluster Lumière, France – Vice-president
  • The Danish Lighting Innovation Network, Denmark
  • Light and Lighting laboratory, University College KaHo Sint-Lieven, Belgium
  • Gate 21, Denmark
  • Cluster d’il luminacio de Catalunya (CICAT), Spain
  • Lighting Unit Dpartment of Electronics, Aalto University, Finland
  • Assodel, Italy
  • Inside Light, Lund University, Sweden

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