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Lighting Challenge in Copenhaguen

Lighting Challenge in Copenhaguen

January 2012
Project type : Collaborative


In a collaborative workshop with Danish and French lighting designers, new lighting challenges in the urban space of the Municipality of Copenhagen will be addressed.
The workshop combines the best of the two countries’ different traditions, skills, and practices aiming to create innovative proposals for better urban lighting solutions at specific places in Copenhagen.


The teams will be composed of a French and a Danish lighting designer working together in a co-creative process. The Danish Lighting Network and Cluster Lumière will act as secretariat and coordinators.

First phase: two workshops
The process will start in Copenhagen in November, where the teams will work on-site, developing strategies and principles, drawing the first sketches. In Lyon, December 2011, designers will meet again at two main lighting events; ForumLED and Fête des Lumières, to get further inspiration from leading designers and manufacturers.

Second phase: virtual workshop
Next phase will take place on the web where shared workshops with background materials, pictures, floorplans, technical specs etc. will be established.

Third phase: evaluation and presentation
The teams will submit their suggestions mid-january 2012. An evaluation panel composed by the Municipality Architect of Copenhagen, city planners, lighting designers and Citizen’s representatives will chose 2-4 projects to be taken further.

A co-creative process is defined by the participation of two parties in the creation of value which will be distributed for mutual benefit.


Detailed Programm


In April 26th, the judges selected:

  • Côté Lumière-Jesper Kongshaug Team for Mozart Plads
  • Côté Lumière-JesperKonghaugTeam and Les Eclaireurs-Tegnestue Team for Christanshavn Torv

Mozart Plads Projects

Christanshavn Torv Projects

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