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LUMEN Cité de la Lumière

Initiated in september 2014
Project type : Collaborative and structural
Fields / sectors : Filière de l’éclairage, Recherche, Innovation, Sensibilisation


Most recent project of the Cluster Lumière, LUMEN is actually on going!
Gather on a single location the actors of the lighting industry as a way to accelerate innovation and emphasize competitiveness.

  • A unique technical and business device to answer the major lighting issues:
  • Reduce energetic consumption through the use of increasingly efficient technologies and lighting techniques.
  • Enhance the comfort and the wellbeing of the users, regardless of age, with higher quality lighting infrastructures.
  • Understand the visual and non-visual effects of light on human beings.
  • Rejoice outstanding spaces and works.

Integration of scientific, technical, industrial and commercial expertise in order to:

  • Gain an advanced knowledge regarding the interaction between light and humans.
  • Design and experiment innovative lighting solutions with the users.
  • Accelerate the offer creation process.
  • Promote and deploy the most advanced lighting practice.
  • Train the actors of today and tomorrow.
  • Establish a dialog with the civil society.

At the service of the competitiveness of the lighting enterprises
From fundamental research to the elaboration of innovative lighting solutions.

A host and service site

  • Experimental research platforms for collaborative and partnerships projects
  • A laboratory for photometric, electrical and thermal characterization.
  • An interior and exterior show-room to promote innovative solutions.
  • Training and event hosting rooms
  • Offices to host lighting enterprises.
  • A framework emphasizing exchanges and conviviality.

Download the documentation about LUMEN project (PDF)


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