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PISEO Lighting Innovation Plateform

2010 - 2013
Project type : Research, structural for lighting market
Fields / sectors : Recherche, caractérisation, ...


PISEO is the innovation platform and shared testing laboratory of the French lighting industry. Initiated by Cluster Lumière, it has thirty shareholders whose GIL-Lighting Union, the Union of Light, EDF, Caisse des Dépôts, YOLE Development, SERMA Technology, as well as SMEs in the sector.

PISEO was created with the support of the French state and local authorities to be the engine of the development of the French lighting industry.Its mission is to help industry players to create and deploy innovative and efficient lighting solutions.

Near manufacturers, specifiers and users as well as research laboratories, PISEO wants to be a transmission belt between research and applications to accelerate innovation.

PISEO is an independant technical center dedicated to LED based light systems covering the UV, visible and IR spectrum. It brings together in a single entity high skilled engineers and advanced technical testing equipement.


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