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The aim of EXTRA LIGHT is to strengthen cross-border collaboration between European clusters in the lighting industry and to pave the way for SMEs to bid for public contracts in non-EU countries. EXTRA LIGHT represents more than 500 SMEs in the lighting sector from Italy, France, Spain and Austria, and is developing a specific, long-term, market-focused joint internationalisation strategy for public procurement contracts in the United States, Canada and Japan.

EXTRA LIGHT strengthens the role of partner clusters and helps SMEs to overcome the administrative, technical and regulatory barriers that limit their access to public tenders through customised Procure Light training, simulation work rooms and individualised consultancy services. EXTRA LIGHT offers SMEs more than just strategies, it provides practical actions tailored to their objectives, capabilities and bidding dimensions.

The PPs will guide SMEs from the creation of tender consortia, meetings with public purchasers to the request and submission of specific tenders, with the support of experts, the EEN and other business support organisations involved in the project.The project’s exploitation strategy will multiply its impact and ensure the exploitation, replication and sustainability of results after the project ends. Relevant exit criteria will motivate PPs to carry out concrete follow-up activities, creating ownership of the project in order to engage the target EU and COSME community in sustaining EXTRA LIGHT’s results in the long term.

SILEO project

The SILEO project aims to help European SMEs in the lighting and furniture sector to recover from the crisis, to be more resilient to future shocks or crises, to be better prepared for disruptions in supply and value chains, to make their business activities more sustainable and to strengthen their links with advanced industrial and technological ecosystems. Supporting the recovery and transformation of SMEs in the lighting and furniture sector for the European industry of tomorrow

  • Network for the resilience of the European lighting and furniture industry.
  • Innovating for the strategic autonomy of EU lighting and furniture industry ecosystems
  • A voucher scheme to help SMEs in the lighting and furniture industry to adopt digital processes and advanced technologies.
  • Training to train, reskilling the workforce and attracting talent
  • Organising access to global supply and value chains in the lighting and furniture sector.

Shape The Light project

SHAPE-THE-LIGHT project aims at implementing initiatives and an open and inclusive collaborative space for the creation of new creative processes, business models and market developments, and to embrace the digital and ecological transition in the architectural lighting design sector. The main objectives of SHAPE-THE-LIGHT communication campaign are as follows :

  • To create awareness on the SHAPE-THE-LIGHT project within target creative sectors – lighting, architecture, design and art ecosystem and beyond, as well as raise awareness about its goals through tailored and engaging communication based on the direct and compelling SHAPE-THE-LIGHT value proposition that clearly communicates the benefits that our stakeholders get by taking part in the project activities and services ;
  • To raise awareness and build up a strong interest in SHAPE-THE-LIGHT co-creation, co-design and co-learning actions for target stakeholders, their uptake and exploitation ;
  • To seek out relevant, mutually beneficial and durable alignments and opportunities of collaboration with other Creative Europe projects and initiatives like Creative Europe Networks addressing architecture, lighting, design and cross-sectoral dimensions
  • To facilitate the integration and encourage the commitment among members of the consortium to ensure the quality of the shared work and durable results;
  • To promote synergies that could result in new joint projects, collaboration initiatives and strategic partnering among the project’s stakeholders ;

Previous Project


BRILLIANT is helping 7 clusters in the lighting, furniture and construction sectors to exploit their potential as an industrial network, by improving the skills and know-how of its 14 managers in managing their organisations to better meet the needs and expectations of their businesses. The managers will develop comprehensive and sustainable cluster strategies, based on the clusters’ distinctive value proposition.

BRILLIANT encourages learning and networking between clusters to explore and close new business related to smart home and smart building concepts. Partners will use the ClusterXchange to facilitate international, sectoral and cross-sectoral cooperation between clusters, SMEs and growing organisations.

Design, experiential learning and business model tools will be adopted as part of the training and networking to help clusters better define their vision, objectives and services from different angles.

COSME ELCA4i project

ELCA4i: European Lighting Cluster Alliance for Internationalisation
The main objective is to intensify cross-border collaboration between European clusters in the lighting industry and to establish a European partnership of strategic clusters. ELCA4i to direct international cluster cooperation in areas of strategic interest to lighting SMEs to five third countries: the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

The ELCA4i strategic partnership leverages the internationalisation potential of its clusters through a comprehensive process of developing a joint internationalisation strategy covering mutual knowledge and trust, market intelligence gathering in target third countries, knowledge and capacity building as well as C2C and B2B matchmaking and cross-fertilisation.

ELCA4i clusters aim to create better conditions and mechanisms for their lighting companies to innovate, grow and compete globally. To help SMEs adopt a proactive approach to internationalisation in third-country markets, making them more strategic in the deployment of foreign markets, more self-confident but judicious and more successful in the process of entering new markets.

Welliance HOSPITALITY project

Welliance’s mission is to provide knowledge and intelligent solutions to the hospitality market, with a pool of experts in the fields of technology, environmental sustainability, efficiency and design.

  • Create a framework for long-term collaboration
  • Help the SMEs in the partnership to acquire knowledge and capabilities in the selected target markets: MEXICO, SOUTH AFRICA and the USA
  • Develop and strengthen key contacts in the three target markets.
  • Promote real business opportunities
  • Support the internationalisation of the partners’ SME members in the three markets.
  • Provide relevant information and direct and indirect benefits to other clusters and SMEs in the EU.
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